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The History of Oakey Grove Baptist Church


Oakey Grove’s history has been traced back to Abilene Baptist Church in Martinez, Geogia in the 1800’s.  After the emancipation of the slaves, they formed their membership at Mt. Enon Baptist Church.  The following people helped organize the church; Deacon George Thomas, and Deacon Ned Porter from Mount Enon Baptist Church; Reverend Peter Ladison and Jake Blair from Macedonia Baptist Church; 

Deacon Felix Fallow from Gospel Water Branch; and Deacon Perry Jones from Crawford Grove Baptist Church.  Several members decided to move their memberships to Oakey Grove Baptist Church.  They were Jake White, J. T. Williams, and Jabe Pinkey.  Acting officers were Reverend E. H. Johnson, Church Clerk.  The First Sunday in each month was selected as their meeting day.  The first candidate to be baptized was Mr. Carl Hitt.

They met in the brush halls of the county, outside in the woods, from Hickory Quarters, now known as Dearwood Estates to Savannah River Crossing (River Chase).  They moved from Savannah River Crossing to Snead’s Crossing and in a public school building.  On the second Sunday in November of 1890, the church was organized and became known as Oakey Grove Baptist Church.  

On February 21, 1904, 3/8th’s of an acre was donated for the use of the church with the following stipulations: “That said church members or any other person shall not hold any meeting from the first day of April to the first day of July in any year, that said property shall at no time be used as a loafing place, and no person shall be allowed to make a home of it.  Should any of these conditions be broken at any time, the agreement becomes null and void, and the property reverts back to the first party.”  This agreement was filed on February 6, 1918.

In 1961 the church purchased seven acres of land to include the 3/8ths acre and was free to worship God without stipulation.

The original structure of the church was one room, on bricks with a potbelly stove for heat.  This structure was torn down in 1961 and the sanctuary was built for a sum of $13,085.  The construction of the fellowship hall began in 1986 by the men and women of oakey grove and was completed in 1990.

The church moved from meeting on the first Sunday of the month to the 1st and 3rd Sundays.

In 1986 the pastor was led by the Holy Spirit and brought to the church the idea of having regular service every Sunday and Communion every First Sunday. The Pastors of Oakey Grove Baptist Church are as follows:

Rev. Peter Ladison and J. T. Williams - thirteen years 

Rev. G. L. Loakhart – nine Years 

Rev. Wade Jennings - two years 

Rev Henry Thomas – two years 

Rev. A. W. Vincent - two years     

Rev I. M. Taylor – two years 

Rev. J. L. Bennett – three years 

Rev J. D. Williams – three years 

Rev N. J. Watkins – seven years 

Rev S. K. King – three years 

Rev H. S. Sullivan – three years 

Rev. Mose Thomas – fifteen years 

Rev. Francis F. Cooke - 1966 to  

Rev. Eric L. Taylor - 1996 to 2001 

Rev. Rex E. Wright - 2001 to Present