Crown of Splendor

“You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.”
-Isaiah 62:3 


Enabling today’s youth to be tomorrow’s Christian leaders; to positively impact the lives of young people by providing adult support and learning opportunities that promote spiritual & character development along with life-enhancing values.


By providing youth with consistent, caring mentors, they will mature spiritually, learn life skills and develop core values through mentor-mentee relationship, activities, and seminars. Mentors will learn how to use teachable moments to illustrate these value


The purpose of Crown of Splendor Mentor Ministry is to provide an avenue to build and maintain healthy relationships through open communication and enrichment opportunities with the youth at Oakey Grove. Age-appropriate activities in a variety of curriculum areas will address the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional needs of the youth. Various activities will consist of discussions on various topics relating to real-world situations that face today’s teenagers, ice-breakers/games that will enhance social growth and communication, rap sessions that will enhance character building and seminars that will include: technology education, resume & interview preparation, etiquette on various levels, and special guest speakers. According to the topics, there will be times where the mentees will be split up in two groups by age. Mentors will spend time being adult friends to the youth mentees and act as liaisons between the parents and youth. Mentors invest their time in listening, building trust, establishing a relationship, supporting and guiding the mentees.


Mentors and Mentees benefit from the following:

  • Mentees: The program will help young people to develop important life skills, learn about the world of work, plan for the future, improve school attitudes and performance and build self-confidence.
  • Mentors: In addition to providing mentors with the satisfaction of giving back to their community, mentoring can help build self-assurance and determination in your walk with Christ.

Motto: “Always Wear Your Invisible Crown”