Fisher of Men Brotherhood

Mission Statement:

Then He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."

- Matthew 4:19 

To build people mind, body and spirit by inspiring men to fellowship, pray for, encourage one another, and labor as God has called us to serve:

  1.  Spiritual leaders of our families
  2.  Spiritual examples in the church
  3.  Spiritual servants in the community


  • Reach men of all ages through conferences, visits, sporting events, and Christian worship services focusing on Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Social growth.
  • Teach men the Word of God and what God has commanded husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons to do.
  • Mend broken Spirits and Bodies first through biblical education, prayer and fasting and second, by visiting the incarcerated, the sick, the shut-in, and the spiritually dead and sharing the Good News of the Gospel (both outreach and in-reach).
  • Send servants of God to educate and enlighten all that will hear the Word of God as it applies to living a Holistic life.


  • Be an example (Men after the Heart of God)
  • Be Committed (Serve to the Glory of God and support all of the Ministries of Oakey Grove)
  • Be Accountable (Study the Word of God and apply it to our daily lives)
  • Follow the Pastor as he follows Jesus Christ (Encourage, exhort, and fellowship) Current Outreach

Outreach Ministries: