Women of Promise (WOP)

"Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised)" 
-Hebrews 10:23

President - Yolanda Wright
Vice President - Debra Hill
Secretary - Sherry Seagram & Lelia Toatley
Treasurer - Carrie Johnson

Meeting Dates: 4th Saturday of each month @ 10:30 am
Meeting Place: Generally at OGBC, but is subject to change.

Our Vision:

"To Reach, Teach, Mend, & Send Virtuous Women into a Dying World."

Our Mission:

To walk worthy of our calling by empowering all women through scripture, sisterhood, and service. We believe that we are placed on the earth to be servants for the Lord, united to fufill the spiritual needs of the Church, other women, and communities beyond the four walls.

Our Pledge:

I am a servant for the Lord. I will walk worthy of my calling for I have been called by God. I will be humble and gentle. I will be patient. I will make allowances for other's faults because of God's love. I will make every effort to remain united in the spirit, binding myself with others in peace.

Our Purpose: 

This ministry allows the women of Oakey Grove to grow together in sisterhood while learning about our God. 

We have currently undertaken a Beth Moore study entitled "David" Seeking a Heart Like His". Women are asked to attend meetings as allowed by incredibly busy schedules, recognizing that unity requires some sacrifice of time. 

Our Women's Retreat is scheduled every two years and is an excellent opportunity to build bonds that will strengthen and encourage us on this journey. ALL are invited; membership at OGBC is not mandated.

Outreach Ministry:

Lydia Project