College Bound Ministry

Always Remember What You Have Learned. Your Education Is Your Life—Guard It Well. (GNT)

-Proverbs 4:13

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the Oakey Grove Baptist Church College Bound program is to mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually prepare high school students for admission into accredited four-year institutions of higher education.

We envision a society in which every generation is educated and afforded the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Through a myriad of activities, educational seminars, college tours, and scholarships. We effectively will leverage all high school students to be well-balanced, resilient, and prepared for higher education and beyond.

Areas of College Bound

Intro to College Bound - In this first meeting, the students become familiar with one another and learn about the College Bound program. They are introduced to different websites and their homework. They are instructed on how to research various colleges and universities relevant to their field of interest with relation to costs, scholarships, and internships that are available. The students will determine the “college scorecard” for their school of choice. Also during this meeting, students are charged to write an essay of 1,200 words to be edited at the next meeting. Information about writing a resume and proper dress is discussed at this meeting.

Mock Interviews - Using paired settings, students conduct mock interviews and prepare an “elevator” speech as well as learn the importance of professional dress, body language and the keys to a great first impression. A review of their resume and essay will also be conducted. The students will prepare a master application and personal statement along with applying for several scholarships. Students will apply for scholarships throughout the year.

College Day - Students are asked to bring their resume and their essay to College Day to present to College recruiters. This is crucial for submission with their college application. Students will also discuss their college and career choices with a college career counselor along with other representatives from various colleges and universities.

College Trip - College Bound students will tour at least five schools within the Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina Area. They will have an opportunity to put into practice the skills that they have learned thus far as well as hone in on the many opportunities provided to students during their undergraduate experience. These trips are provided at no cost to the students minus money for their meals and any souvenirs they would like to purchase.

Financial Information -The Students and parents will have a session on applying for financial aid, as it is our main objective to have every child go to school debt free. They will also hear about the military’s Post GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon program since many students are children of veterans. We will also have personnel to discuss Band and Sports Scholarships as well.

Community Service Project -It is our goal that our children are productive citizens in society — thinking of others and not just of themselves. Therefore, we will require our students to commit themselves to a community service project .

Money Management -Many students are tempted by the lure of credit cards and other financial devices while in College. A seminar will be conducted on Money Management to ensure intelligent spending and scrutiny of credit offers. We also want to ensure we teach the students early about what God says about money.

Defending Yourself -It is our charge to send our children to school and with the capability to ensure their safety from predators. As we cannot always be with them to ensure this, we teach a seminar for our children so they can protect themselves from predators both physically and spiritually. They will learn combative moves for the body and spiritual warfare for the mind. They will learn defensive training throughout the year.

Committee Members

  • Placida Clark
  • Jonathan Culp
  • Cheryl DuBois - Chairman
  • Prentice Gilbert
  • Rella Hicks
  • Darryl McAdoo
  • Tara McAdoo
  • Barbara Richey
  • Tonya Williams